Aurora Hair Band – My view…

Hi guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I sure did, I was treated to a spot of shopping from my lovely hubby 😊

Anyway, last night i decided to try out my new Aurora Hair Band and I have to say, I’m thrilled with the results! Before I show you how it all turned out, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about this brilliant product and how I came to learn about it!


I first heard about the Aurora band from a friend from work. Her sister had tried it out and I couldn’t get over the results, her hair was fab and looked like she had just strolled out of a salon after an hour long curly blowdry!! It was fab. I was told it had been on Dragons Den so I went on and had a look at the episode and loved everything it was about and wanted one right away, actually needed one for myself right away hehe…

So I went in search for one and lucky enough the following day they were going on sale in McCabes Pharmacies, so I arranged to pick up two, one for myself and one for one of my lucky likers. The competition had a huge interest and the lucky winner was picked last week when NeedsnotWants reached 2000 Facebook likes, woohoo, thank you so much again ❀


I popped over to visit the Aurora band website on to read some more about it.

Where did it come from :

This little band of genius has been brought to us curly crazy ladies by a hairdresser, Lindsey Byrne, who owns and runs ‘The Colour Room‘ hair salon in Artane, Dublin 5. Lindsey Byrne & Alex Purcell are the couple who invented The Aurora Band

What is it exactly :

The Aurora Band has been created to transform your hair overnight to salon quality hair, which it really does!!

How do you use it :

For best results you need to use it on freshly washed hair. Dry off the moisture leaving the hair slightly damp. My hair takes forever to dry, and I left the back of it probably a little more wet than the front, so the back was still slightly damp when I took it out this morning, so if you have thick hair like me that takes forever to dry, I think it would be beneficially to have it a little drier than damp (if that makes sense). Brush your hair thoroughly and make your parting and then place the Aurora band on your head. Starting from the front, take your first section, about 2 inches. Comb each section before you begin to wrap. Start at the front until you reach nape of your neck, and then move to the other side starting at the front also.

Here is a step by step guide :



It’s very easy to do, and was not uncomfortable to sleep in at all.



When I got up this morning there wasn’t a hair out of place and it was still perfect , as if I had just put it on πŸ™‚

So onto the Removal… There is a little card in the box it comes in with the instructions on how to remove it. You need to start unravelling from the back of the neck. Loosen the hair with your fingers by inserting them into the fabric side of the band and work to the front and repeat the same on the opposite side. When this is done run your fingers along the fabric side to ensure all hair has been unlooped. Try not to pull the hair from the Velcro side when unlooping.

Then lift the band upwards off your head, and when doing this run your fingers around the band pulling any hair that might still he attached to the Velcro. Now shake out your hair.

Mine was a little wild when I first took it out, but I let is settle while applying my make up and was really pleased with the results. I ran my hands through it a few times and applied a little hair spray. The back of my hair was still a little damp so the waves were not as defined as the front, so next time I’ll need to make sure I have it a little more dry at the back before using it.

Here’s the instructional video :

And here’s the results πŸ™‚


I have a natural curl in my hair which you can see here on my roots. But I’m so happy with the results from my first time, and all so effortless too.

What do you guys think?

You can get your own here :

Other stockist :
‘The Colour Room’ Artane
McCabes Pharmacy
Cara Pharmacy

RRP : €12.99 (if you order direct from €2p+p applies)

Check them out on Facebook & Twitter

Facebook :
Twitter : @theauroraroller

Thanks for reading guys! Go get em and try it yourself. What a bargain!!!




6 thoughts on “Aurora Hair Band – My view…

  1. Simply love this product as it’s quality. Have used it a multiple times and it’s really worth it and the best part is that my hair are not damaged at all (no heat). Amazing πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Truly amazing product. No side effects nothing at all and the product just does it’s magic. I am completely satisfied and I recommend to all those beauties who like natural products or cosmetics for their body, hair or skin.
    Thumbs up for this product as it’s so convinient in all forms. Have been travelling the world with this product in my bag and not even once I had to go to the parlour for getting curls on my hair as this baby does that all.
    I’m lovin it πŸ˜‰


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