My 6 Week Body Transformation… Bodynamics

Hello, hello hello…

As most of you know, the last 6 weeks of my life have been dedicated to Clean Eating & Exercise classes with Bodynamics…

I had many times got into my head that I wanted to lose weight, so tried out weight watchers, and slimming world and other diets that we are surrounded by, but never really stuck at them. That’s not saying they don’t work, they do, especially Slimming World, that worked for me while I done it, but just never stuck with it.

I was never crazy about exercising in general. I did Kickboxing & Karate for a number of years as a teenager and looking back now, wonder why I never stuck at it, because I was quite trim back then.

I joined a gym last year around this time in the hopes of looking a little toned for a holiday I had to Mexico in October. I was doing my own thing, bit of walking on a threadmill, few reps on the weight machines, a class here and there and trying out some healthy eating at home, but not really sticking to it. Needless to say, my couple of visits a week to the gym and a bowl of fruit here and there made no difference what so ever haha, so after my holiday I wasn’t really bothered with the gym anymore, and really only went every time I got it in the ear from my hubby about paying for membership and not using it ect hahahah!!!

So anyway, I had been friends with Bodynamics on Facebook for a while, and Clive’s (my husband) gym membership was set to finish in June, and spotted a post about the next 6 Week Body Transformaton starting in a few weeks. I got in touch, got the details, checked out the previous result pictures and signed the both of us up!


Myself and Clive’s First day of our transformation started on Monday 23rd June. We had a meeting with Collie AKA Bodynamics on the Saturday before, and in this meeting he took all of our measurements, weight and body fat and before pictures . He went through how the plan works, and went through foods each of us like and don’t like, will eat, won’t eat ect and gave us a few tips and ideas aswell. He said he would email us our individual plans later that day which he did. He gave us both our personally tailored food plan, nutrition tips, a shopping list and body fat info. My body fat was 19.43%. Clive’s was 13.3%. I was told Women’s are always higher than men hehe… (anything to make me feel better haha)



He gave us a look at the pics, and when I looked I swore that nobody else outside of that room at that time would get to see that picture. Collie said wait and see now when you’re finished, you wont care who sees it when your after pictures are beside it!!!

20140805-135539-50139615.jpgHoliday = Motivation. 3 weeks in Thailand, a trip of a lifetime in my opinion, was the greatest motivation for me, and that’s the truth.

When we trained :

Monday – 6pm – 7pm
Wednesday – 6pm – 7pm
Friday – 6pm – 7pm
Saturday – 10am – 11am

In the full 6 weeks there were 2 sessions that I missed, and that was my birthday weekend. I had visitors over from the Isle of Man, so couldn’t make it to the classes.


What is involved in the training :

The training is not easy, it’s tough but very do-able. Collie is an excellent trainer, and pushes you in all the right ways. At the beginning of the programme, it was all about learning the basics and getting to know the equipment. Each class throughout the 6 weeks was different which I found brilliant. I like classes to be mixed up, otherwise I get bored and dread going. I didn’t get this at all throughout the 6 weeks. I looked forward to every class and that’s no word of a lie.

The classes involved some TRX, Kettlebells, RIP & More…








After 3 weeks we had our Mid Programme weigh in done, and I was chuffed to find out that I had lost 4lbs, 3 inches from waist and 1 inch from hips.


Needless to say, I looking forward to the next 3 weeks.

A lot of you have contacted me over private message to get some more information on the programme and everyone wants to know what sort of food we were eating. It was all clean eating, and we had 1 cheat MEAL a week. Every week I couldn’t WAIT for my cheat meal, and it was what kept me going, thinking about all the different options of what I was going to have for my cheat 🙂 In the last week or 2, even that went out the door. A cheat meal became a Wrap with a little bit of Mayo, or a home cooked pasta dish with a couple of pieces of garlic bread. I couldn’t believe it, I was a take away junkie and loved nothing more than eating out at the weekends. I didn’t eat out once the weekend just gone, and my programme is finished haha!!!

Example of a day of clean eating for us :

Breakfast : Fruit Smoothie / Weetabix / Porridge with 2 boiled eggs

Snack : Handful of Mixed Nuts & Green Tea

Lunch : Salad with some oatcakes & creamcheese / Soup / Left over dinner from the night before

Snack : 2 Caramel Rice Cakes & Crunchy Peanut Butter

Dinner : Meat/Chicken/Fish, Brown Rice/Sweet Potatoe , Veg

Snack : Olives & Slice of Turkey / Homemade Clean Cookie & Green Tea
2-3Ltrs Water per day

Here is some pics of the delicious and nutritious meals we were eating.







Before starting this programme, the only Fish I would eat was tinned tuna & smoked cod from a chipper. I am now obsessed with Salmon & Smoked Coley!!! Yummy!!! Honestly, the clean eating requires prep, you need to prep as much as you can and always have some snacks with you so you don’t go hungry, because as soon as hunger strikes and you’re not prepared, bad things happen and you’ll find yourself munching on a 3in1 or a bar of chocolate. It can so easily happen…..

I really did feel amazing and could not wait to find out how I had got on, and see the end results. I didn’t weigh myself once during the programme at home, because for me I really don’t care whats on the scales, or what size clothes I’m wearing, I care about looking and feeling healthy.

The results are in:

Total Weight Lost : 8lbs
Inches from Waist : 3 Inches
Inches from Hips : 2.5 Inches
Bodyfat : 19.43% to 13.39%


My husband has kindly let me share the details of his too which are amazing! Men’s muscles defo come through quicker… Not jealous or anything hahah!!!!

Total Weight Lost : 9lbs
Inches from Waist : 1.75 Inches
Inches from Hips : 1.25 Inches
Bodyfat : 13.03% to 8.53%



I still cannot believe the difference in us both, we are so happy. The hard work, pain, time, sweat & tears (from me) were so worth it, and we are not stopping here. I wanna see some abs 🙂

I cannot recommend this programme enough with Bodynamics, I’ve said already that I have done classes like these before and have not come across a trainer like Collie. He always has a smile on his face, takes the time from his busy classes to encourage each and every person when they are about to give up, challenges you, and most of all teaches you to push your body to do what he knows everyone can do. His classes are enjoyable, and I pretty much stalked him on facebook and text message with questions about food on a daily basis, and he always got back to me within minutes. He is a dedicated trainer that gets joy out of transforming his members into their happier healthier selves, and it so fricking obvious that he loves every single thing about his job!







I will never train anywhere else and have told Collie I’ll be in his classes until I can no longer stand haha!!!

Details of the Programme below :

You will see the Price is €120.00… If you get in Contact with Bodynamics, and mention NeedsNotWants Blog, the first 10 people to sign up will receive 20% off!!! Now theres a bargain that will not only make you look and feel amazing, but it will also bring out the healthier you, and completely change your food choices. Its not just a 6 week transformation, it’s a lifestyle change!! Its now become my Habit!!!

So there you have it. A big huge long blog haha!! I wanted to be sure to cover everything and give as much detail as I could. If anybody has any more questions, please, don’t be shy, Pop over to give Bodynamics Facebook Page a like and Collie will be glad to help you….

If anybody wants any of the recepies for the food pics I posted, pop me an email at

Chat soon,




3 thoughts on “My 6 Week Body Transformation… Bodynamics

  1. Hi would you post some recipes? We don’t have bodynamics in Donegal, I am going to the gym but need to clean up my eating. Your pics have motivated me!


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