Dream Dots Full Review…

Hi Guys,

This week I was sent out a box of the new ‘Dream Dots For Spots’ to try out.

I had been hearing about this new spot treatment product every morning on Spin 1038 radio station and was dying to try them out to see if they worked on my skin.


I tend to get breakouts around that time of the month or when I have had a few bad days of eating rubbish (which is not much these days) and I always seem to get a really sore spot! Those ones are the most annoying!!!! 😦

What I normally use to treat a spot is this little wand from Boots, which is made up of Tea Tree & Witch Hazel. Back when I trained as a beauty therapist, these were the go to ingredients for anybody with troublesome skin. If I don’t have this I use the good oul Sudocream.

So back to the review at hand… Dream Dots are basically little round treatment patches that are kind of like little plasters that you pop over a spot and its used as an overnight treatment.


Here’ s the instructions on how to use them :

1. Cleanse and dry the area
2. Tear off one dream dot patch

3. Remove Half of the dream dot backing paper


4. Attach the centre of the dream dot to the are
5. Peel away the other half of the backing and press for 3 seconds to the spot & leave for 8-12 hours overnight

Right away the Dream Dot hid any redness surrounding my spot and pretty much made the spot invisible. You can’t even tell there is something on your face, which I found really good 🙂

So off I went to bed….

When I woke up this morning I had a check to make sure the dream dot hadn’t come off throughout the night and it hadn’t budged. On the leaflet that comes in the box, it says that the centre of the dream dot will turn white in colour overnight which is a visible sign that it worked on the spot. Mine still looked clear and I couldn’t see any white in the centre of it.

The instructions on how to remove it advise that you should peel away at the borders, but silly me was in a rush so I peeled it all off at once, and this was quite painful. Instructions are there for a reason Michelle!!! I wouldn’t advise doing what I did unless you want some pain!! A good thing about this is that you know it’s not going to come away during the night.

Once it was removed I examined the spot area and the spot was still alive, but wasn’t as painful as it had been the night before. It was however still there..

Overall, I don’t think this made too much of a difference to that little oul spot on my skin after 1 night. This product doesn’t claim to be a one night miracle dot, it states on the leaflet that you should use it for 3-4 days and the spot will clear. I think needing to use these 3-4 nights on one spot for it to clear up, is about the same amount of time it would take for a spot to clear naturally.

At €14.95 for a pack of 24 dots, I think it may be a bit of a pricey treatment for spots if you have a few that need treating for this amount of time. A pack wouldn’t last too long.

I think for me, I will be sticking with my hubby calling me Spotser Ross for a few days here and there and continue with my regular treatment of breakouts.

However, this is my own personal opinion on Dream Dots. Everybody has different skin types and products can work differently on each skin type, so they still could be worth a try if you come across them.

You can order a box HERE to try them out.

Cost is €14.95 per pack of 24 & shipping is free worldwide when you order from their site.

They can also be purchased in most pharmacies in Ireland.

Thanks for reading,


*Product was provided by Dream Dots for review*


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