X-Factor Judges Categories Revealed!!!

Hi guys,

Today is has been revealed what category the X-Factor Judges have been given ๐Ÿ™‚

This is always one of the things I do be dying to know, and thanks to the DailyMail, I have that info….


First up! Cheryl has…. The Girls!!!! Woohoo! I love seeing Cheryl Back in her judges seat, and I am so happy that she got this category, because I believe she has the winner!! Hopefully she gets through to the live shows now ๐Ÿ™‚


Next up is Simon and he has….. The over 25’s! Again another brilliant category this year! There’s a few in there that could have Cheryl shaking in her shoes…


Now onto queen Louis.. Groups! The obvious choice for Louis, I think he works the best with the groups, after all groups are his thing and the reason he is where he is today!


Now onto New Judge Mel B … The Boys! I love Mel B and think she will work really well with this category!


Bootcamp stages continue this weekend, and it’s been reported that the 6 chairs are back! The contestants from each Category have to sing it out to try get a place on one of the six chairs in order to secure their place at judges houses!! From what I’ve read, Cheryl has a bit of backlash from the studio audience on her decisions!!

Tune in this Saturday and Sunday to see what goes down…

Have you spotted somebody already who you think is the winner?




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