Capes, Outerwear Blankets & eBay!!

Hi Ladies,

Hope you all had a lovely long weekend. I sure did! It was tough preparing to come back to work after 3 lovely long weeks away on holidays! I’ll have a full blog on that coming very soon! Dying to tell you all about it, but for now, i want to talk about one of my favourite trends for the 2014 winter which is making its way to us really quickly, and about how eBay is the place to get one for yourself!

It’s True, Blankets are one of the new coats for 2014!
Blanket pic

The Cape/Outerwear Blankets first made an appearance on the runway back in February for Burberry, led by the beautiful Cara Delevingne, and a new Trend for 2014 had been set!! All of the models showcasing the Burberry Blanket scarves were initial – embroidered for each model and these beauties cost around £895 (YEP, Seriously)

The blanket scarf quickly become trend and they can now be got pretty much anywhere!

When I was contacted about collaborating with eBay I was chuffed! Ya’ll know how much of an addiction I have to eBay at this stage 🙂 I always shop on eBay… be it new items, used items, new without tag items, you name it, I’ve bought them. When i was set the challenge of picking something from eBay inspired by a trend from Fashion Week, I knew right away it had to be a blanket scarf, so off I went to eBay for a good gander. I couldn’t believe the options available when I searched ‘Blanket Scarf’. There are literally so many options in a range of colours, prints, lenghts ect and so many of them are brand new still with tags from lots of different brands including Zara, Stradavarius and many many more!!! What I love so much about eBay is, you can always rely on it to pick up something that is no longer in stock in a store!! Somebody will always be selling what you are looking for on eBay!

Here is a little look of some of the amazing Capes/Outerwear Blankets that i am loving on eBay at the moment:


Zara Blanket Scarf – Get it here


River Island Hooded Cape : Get it here


Lefties (Zara Group) Cape – Get it here


Zara Blanket Scarf – Get it here

An interesting one I came across when I was looking was a Replica to the Burberry one showcased on the runways! I absolutely love it and have added this one to my Christmas wish list!


Burberry Replica Blanket Scarf – Get yours here

About the Cape/Outerwear Blanket Scarf

Did you know that capes & outerwear blankets date back to the late 1880’s??

When it comes to winter fashion there is nothing better than layering and wrapping up warm, while keeping it loose fitting, and the bigger the better… With a cape / outerwear blanket scarf in your wardrobe you will get each of these exactly!
These comfortable knits are a huge style statement and they are available in a huge range of prints, patterns, and big bold colours!

Why I love them :

One reason – They are Versatile! I love to add statement pieces to my wardrobe that are versatile. A cape can be worn in so many ways and can create a completely different look to a somewhat simple outfit.

Top Tips for wearing them :

Belt It

Draped over your shoulders, capes / blanket scarves certainly look easy to pull-off, but what are you going to do on a windy day if you want to wear yours? There is an easy solution: a belt! Cinching in the waist not only adds outfit security when on the move, it highlights your womanly figure under all of the woolen material.

Hat Happy

A fedora hat or a floppy hat will give you the perfect Winter 2014 look when worn with your cape / blanket scarf. You can pick up one of these hats on eBay in a variety colours shapes and sizes. Shop here

Skinnie Minnie

Wearing your cape / blanket with anything loose fitting down below is going to swap your figure. Let your blanket do the talking and your legs stay slim by teaming it with a pair of skinny jeans.

Five ideas on how to wear it :

– A turtleneck jumper, skinny jeans & knee high boots. If colours are neutral, add a statement clutch to make the outfit standout

– Plaid trousers are another big trend this season, so go for a plain coloured blanket scarf and team with a pair plaid pants, cream longsleeve top & ankle Boots

– Want to get the pins out? Get yourself a little Leather Mini Skirt and team it with a crisp white shirt, over the knee boots and a statement Blanket Scarf

– With a pair of Tailored shorts, Blouse, tights if you wish, and ankle boots

– Leather Trousers are another staple piece to add to your wardrobe and again will look amazing with a little jumper, blanket scarf & heeled ankle boots

The Chosen One

When i was browsing through eBay looking for one i wanted for myself, there were so many that I wanted but needed to choose just one and after having a good nosey, I decided on this fab Stradivarius one

I love the print and colours in this, and when I seen it, instantly had lots of ideas on how I could wear it.

I’m going to wear this the weekend with a white shirt, black skinny trousers, black & white plimsolls, fedora hat & my new Black Michael Kors Bag. I’ll be sure to share the pics and full outfit details as always over the weekend.

You can pick this up for yourself . There is only 1 left from the same buyer mine was purchased from, however there is another few available from other buyers on eBay.

So ladies, if you haven’t yet picked up one of these must have items for your 2014 Winter Wardrobe, head over to eBay and treat yourself today! There is always a bargain to be had on eBay 🙂

I am always here to help and offer any advice i can, so if you fall in love with one and want a few more ideas on how to style it, don’t be afraid to pop me a PM on facebook or email me at

Thanks for reading…. Your continued interest is appreciated more than you know! Thank you all so much ❤




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