The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream – My View


Hi ladies,

Hope you are all having a good weekend?! I sure am! Yesterday I was up and out early to watch my step sons football match, and then went and had a Dermalogica Bio Surface Facial Peel done in Marie Quinn Health & Beauty (check them out on Facebook here). I’ll have full review on that up tomorrow so keep an eye out, you’ll want to read it!

After my lovely treatment, I headed out to blanch to try and find an outfit for the Cocoa Brown Christmas Party which I will be attending on Friday 7th November πŸ™‚ Thankfully I got sorted, and can’t wait for it now! Woohoo! So excited!!

Today I am heading to The Make-Up Mentor’s Make-Up Masterclass and I am looking really forward to it! Check her out here on Facebook

Anyway, less of the chit chatting out of me, and onto the review in question – The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream!!


I got this a few weeks ago from but only got around to trying it out yesterday morning and I have to say, I really liked it!!

As a wearer of EstΓ©e Lauder Double Wear, I am so used to a full coverage foundation on my skin, and only use the likes if a BB Cream if I’m not going anywhere too exciting, or only needing make up for a short period of time, which was the case yesterday morning as I was going to have my facial done! I like to have something on my face rather than looking like death haha!! It’s kind of rare I’ll go out without even the minimum make up on… It makes me feel human πŸ™‚

Anyway, I loved this BB cream!!

I was amazed at the coverage for a BB Cream. During the last week of my holidays I got a pretty bad breakout, and it was probably a mixture of the water, fried foods, and alcohol that had a part to play in my pizza face, so my skin is still getting back to normal since then and still has some blemish marks which the BB completely covered.

It’s really lightweight and feels just like a moisturiser when applying. I used a BB Cream Makeup Brush for applicayion that I picked up from H&M for just €6.99.


Once I had it applied, I used a little bronzer over it and applied my blusher, filled in my brows, applied some mascara and I was good to go πŸ™‚ it felt like I had no make up on my face at all, and that felt nice for a change!


Apart from this BB Cream being lightweight, with really good coverage, it also contains Tea Tree Oil.

Tea Tree Oil has so many uses, which include treating acne prone skin, and reducing allergic skin reactions.


The BB Cream also has another use, it doesn’t have to be used all over the face, it can be used as a concealer/ treatment for any blemishes that appear on the face with it’s Tea Tree Oil ingredient. Dot it gently onto the blemish and let it get to work on repairing, while acting as a concealer at the same time πŸ™‚

I only had it on for around 4 hours, before removing it to have my facial so I can’t comment on it’s lasting effects, however after 4 hours it was still perfect on my skin.

It’s available in 3 shades


01 – Light Shade


02 – Medium Shade


03 – Dark Shade

Where to get it : The Body Shop

Price : €13.50

My Shade : 02-Medium Shade

Overall, I really liked this product and would definitely recommend it to somebody looking for a lightweight BB cream with really good coverage, with the added bonus of a it containing Tea Tree πŸ™‚

Top Tip : A small amount goes a really long way πŸ™‚

Enjoy, and thanks for reading,




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