NEEDED : Real Techniques BOLD METALS Collection

Hi ladies,

This blog is kind of saddened by the realisation that these brushes might never make it to our little green isle, but I’m hoping I’m wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚


I seen these brushes popping up about 100 times in my newsfeed the past few days so decided to look into them some more, because let’s face it they look amazing!!!

This beautiful ‘Bold Metals Collection’ of Real Techniques is new out and it appears to be exclusive to ‘Ulta’ in the US, which unfortunately doesn’t deliver to International addresses ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Nevertheless, when I done my research into them, I discovered lots of blog posts and status’s on Facebook saying that you can pre-order them and go on a waiting list in boots. I contacted boots and they haven’t heard of this waiting list nor had they any idea if this set would be coming to their stores…

However, with the big interest of the collection here in Ireland and the UK, I think it will make an appearance in stores here, hence the reason I want to tell you all about it โค

The set is made up of 7 brushes, and is catagorised into 3 types, Base, Eyes & Finish

โ€ข Gold – Base
โ€ข Silver – Eyes
โ€ข Rose Gold – Finish

The brushes are made up of Super Soft Deluxe Nylon Fibre, and the handles are thinner yet heavier, with the bristles being white, and they look so glam… Wouldn’t you agree?

They are priced a little higher than any other RT brushes, but just look at em!!! I already reckon they are worth it, and will do what I can to get my hands on the full range!!!

Below is each brush – Number, Use & Price… (As they are exclusive to the US right now, all prices are listed in $$$)

Starting with the Base….


101 Triangle Foundation Brush – $23.99


100 Arched Powder Brush – $25.99

Now onto the eyes…


200 Oval Shadow Brush – $15.99


202 Angled Liner Brush – $15.99


201 Pointed Crease Brush – $15.99

….. And finally the finish….


300 Tapered Blush Brush – $23.99


301 Flat Contour Brush – $25.99

Don’t they look amazing?

If I hear of them coming to stores near us, I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted.

If anybody can confirm the rumours of them being available to pre order on I would appreciate if you could share the link with me ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t just WANT these, I NEED them!


I’ve spoken to Boots Ireland Blanchardstown & Liffey Valley, and they both confirmed that the BOLD METALS Real Techniques collection IS COMING to Ireland.. However, I got two different stories….

Liffey Valley – Should be on sale tomorrow ….

Blanchardstown- Won’t be on sale until next Wednesday as they are a new collection that hasn’t been launched…

When I asked both about a waiting list, I was advised there is no waiting list….

However.. One of my lovely followers found a link to the waiting list on twitter and has kindly shared it with me!

Get on the Waiting List Here




2 thoughts on “NEEDED : Real Techniques BOLD METALS Collection

  1. Michelle, I couldn’t find a date on this page, so you have likely already found the brushes. If not, I would be happy to purchase them here in Dallas and ship them to you.


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