It was supposed to be my year… And it was!

With 2015 just one more sleep away, it’s had me thinking of this past year, the year of 2014, everything I have done, places I have been, what was ‘supposed’ to happen but didn’t, what did happen and how I feel about it all…. It brings me to this post.

Only people who are close to me will know what I mean by ‘it was supposed to be my year’. It’s a sentence I had heard a dozen times a day around this time last year, and when we were ringing in 2014.

What these good people hoped for, and what myself and my husband hoped for, was that 2014 would be the year that god gifted us with a baby.
In early 2013, after 4 years of trying to get pregnant, obsessing over trying to get pregnant, crying at the news somebody else was pregnant, getting poked and prodded with needles and all sorts of ‘investigation operations’ and continuously being told nothing was wrong, myself and my husband made the decision to undergo a round of IVF. Unfortunately for us, it wasn’t meant to be and although everything went extremely well throughout the process, it didn’t work for us. It was a heart-breaking time and took me a long time to get over it and come to terms with it all. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are lots of couples out there going through the same, and others going through a lot worse and I pray that their struggles and heartache will get better. But I never lost hope, and still haven’t to this day. I know my time will come and I have every faith that I will be a mam someday; it’s just not my time yet. For anybody going through the same thing, don’t lose hope, our day will come. I am not mentioning this for your sympathy, I am writing about this because it is something that is close to my heart, and a topic that I feel many think cannot be discussed or shared, and I believe that it is something that is surrounding us, anybody that I know knows somebody else that is going through a struggle to conceive, and I personally don’t want it to be a secret struggle for me, and anybody that knows me, knows that I would openly talk about it. I am not sad anymore. I am not in a rush anymore. What will be will be… I know it will. We will get there and there will be a crazy little Ross running around driving people mad someday.

When 2014 began, I decided that it was time to focus on all of the good things I had in my life and to start enjoying my husband, the amazing life we had together and our amazing friends and family surrounding us. I like to go on nice holidays, which I had the best of throughout this year, an amazing cruise with all of my family in March for my mams 50th Birthday, a few days gate crashing my best friends family holiday to Portugal and then Thailand for three weeks, the most amazing place I have ever been to in all of my life, with the person I love with all of my heart. It was hands down the best trip I have experienced and would go back right now if I could.

At the beginning of the year, I decided I needed to put my focus into something that I loved, and after much deciding and planning, NeedsnotWants was born. Fashion is and always has been my passion. I am not an expert and don’t claim to be, but I know what I like and with the encouragement of my friends I started planning what way I wanted to do my blog. I’m a huge fan of a number of Irish Bloggers, but I wanted to make NeedsnotWants a little different. I was forever browsing online at all the high street stores and my whole camera folder on my phone was taken up with snaps of clothes I loved, some I needed to buy and some I added to my wishlist. I’m not an expensive shopper, and have never really been a designer girl. I’m a normal girl that gets a normal wage, and have bills to pay, so I just simply cannot afford to shop in the more expensive stores we have, so Penneys, H&M, River Island, Zara and the likes are where I shop the most. I wanted to appeal to others like me, and give inspiration to everyone that took the time to like my page and read my blog.

NeedsnotWants has helped me focus on something I love, instead of feeling sorry for myself and focusing on something I couldn’t make happen. I made this blog happen, and I have exceeded the first goal I set myself. My goal was to get 5000 likes on my Facebook page before the end of December 2014. With hard work and determination and a little bit of neglecting my gorgeous husband spending my evening’s blogging and scheduling posts, I’ve done that and more! I can never thank you all enough. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of myself.

I have met so many amazing people since starting this, some I can even call friends and will be forever thankful to you all for giving me these opportunities. I have also encountered others doing similar who are very negative people, even bitchy, and begrudging of others. This is a side of ‘blogging’ that I refuse to become a part of. It’s not a competition for me. Blogging is about inspiring others and giving a helping hand. It’s not about tearing others down to try and get yourself on top. Build each other up, and share the love. We are all sharing a passion, and if you can’t deal with that, and be happy for others becoming successful, I believe that blogging is not for you. What you see is what you get with me, I’ll always say what I think, and be who I am. One thing I will never be is fake; it’s just not in me.

As 2014 is coming to an end, I am thankful for my wonderful husband. Although I break his heart with my shopping habits, he gets me and he knows he is my rock and I love him with all of my heart. He’s too hot not to love 😉

I am thankful for my amazing family and the best friends a girl could ask for.

Lastly, I want to offer a big big BIG Thanks to each and every one of the likes and shares on my page, and your continued interest in NeedsnotWants. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of you ladies at the ‘Ultimate Ladies Night Out’ in March!
I want to please my audience, so good or bad feedback would be hugely appreciated coming into 2015. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to see more blog posts on, less on or anything new you would like me to write about…

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year for 2015 filled with health, happiness and love.

Here is some of my favourite memories from 2014…






















Happy New Year ❤




5 thoughts on “It was supposed to be my year… And it was!

  1. Fecking kill you, that is lovely, what you wrote, and you are right it will happen for you, of that i am sure.Love you, and love your blog, it is amazing. Best wishes for 2015.


  2. very honest, I read a lot of fashion and lifestyle bogs and the reason I like yours is the honesty I feel from it, people gift you things I understand that but there’s a lot of bloggers I feel only write about things they receive… Keep enjoying your lovely husband and your passion for all things lovely jubly 💚💚


    1. Thank you. I get lots of things sent to me that i personally don’t like and I don’t write about them because I don’t want to turn people off something that i haven’t liked because they may love it, so you can take any post i write as 100% honest. Happy new year xx


  3. Thank you for this lovely blog it’s the most honest heart warming blog I have read all week I am sitting here crying after reading what you have been through with ivf and trying to have a baby ( I have been through the whole process too and it can break a persons life marriage and heart ) xxx fingers crossed 2015 is even more amazing for you and your husband x thanks again for all your advice tips and funny blogs in 2014


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