I’ll give you the Boot <3

The Ankle Boot Trend has been on the scene quite some time now, and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere fast.

Everywhere you look online or in stores, ankle boots will be seen. The ankle boot comes in so many difference designs and styles : Heeled (block, stiletto) or flat, and they come in thousands of different colours, prints, textures and can be got for any outfit, occasion or taste.

I have about 10 pairs of black ankle boots, aswel as a beige pair, and a wine pair, and I am really missing a tan pair. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a nice tan pair for months, and haven’t yet come across a pair that I really loved.

A few years ago tan boots were everywhere, and although you can still get them in most stores, they don’t seem to be popping up as frequently as I remember…

Tan coloured ankle boots are the kind of boots that can take you anywhere. The colour can be themed with an array of different colours, and they give you a softer look to black boots, which makes them very easy to wear and very easy to put with most outfits….

I wanted to talk to you guys not only about Tan ankle boots, but ankle boots in general. I know lots of people who feel they can’t pull off ankle boots, and I’ve tried on my fair share of ankle boots myself to know that not every pair suits every person, be it because of your height, shape of your leg, or for whatever other reason, it doesn’t always work. Taking that into account, I’ve put together some tips how the best way to wear them :

•​ Match the boots with the colour you are wearing on your bottom half (eg. black ankle boots with black or dark indigo skinny jeans or leggings, tan boots on tanned skin (cocoa brown obvs 🙂 ) , black against black tights, etc..Try and avoid mixing colours drastically (eg. Black ankle boots with white jeans as it will visually cut your legs in half and make you look shorter)

•​ Make sure if wearing trousers that they are skinny or slim fitting or tapered around the ankle so that the hem looks slim and straight when tucking them in the boots. You always need to SEE the ankle boot so your legs look nice and elongated. I am a fan of cuffed jeans that are generally a little shorter and wider (like boyfriend) and when I wear these type of jeans with ankle boots I always make sure they are rolled up so that the full ankle boot can be seen. Its just a different look but can be a little harder to pull off… Try it out… I’m short and it works for me.


•​ Having a little bit of a heel slims your calves. I always prefer an ankle boot with a heel because I have very muscley (who am I kidding… they are just chunky) calves 🙂

•​ Stick to matte material textures such as leather or another one that’s very big at the moment is pony hair. Shiny fabrics like patent leather will make your feet look bigger

• Believe it or not, ankle boots with lot of straps and buckles can make your legs look heavy and boots with a visible zipper can give you a slimming effect

• Make sure you proportion your outfit right – If the ankle boot comes a little further up the leg, go shorter with your skirt. You get me?

So back to the Tan part of the post.

I’ll be keeping an eye out in Penneys too but here is 7 pairs of Tan Ankle boots that I’ve Found online that I like… I think number 7 is my winner, just a little pricey so close after Christmas… But where there’s a will there’s a way 😉


1. NewLook(here) 2. NewLook (here) 3. NewLook (here) 4. H&M (here) 5. Carvella – Asos (here) 6. NewLook (here) 7. River Island (here)

Which ones are your favourite?

Here are some looks with Tan boots from Pinterest that I absolutely LOVE!!


The reason for the delay in this post going live is because I wanted to get together items that will ‘Get The Look’ and thankfully I’ve managed to do it 🙂 woohoo!



Boots – NewLook, Dress – River Island, Cardigan – NewLook, OTK Socks – H&M, Scarf – NewLook, Bag – H&M



Boots – New Look, Top – H&M, Hat – Penneys, Jeans – H&M



Boots – H&M, Top – H&M, Jeans – River Island

I’ll let you all know which boots I end up getting. You all agree that we need to have at least one pair of Tan boots? 🙂

Thanks for reading, and as always, any questions, just holla! ❤





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