Saphir Scents <3

Hi Ladies,

Round two of writing this blog post. I spent almost 2 hours doing it this morning to only delete it by accident when trying to save it 😦 Not to worry, these things happen, plus it’s a pretty good post to write hehe!!

Anyway, let’s get on…

I first came across these Saphir Perfumes when I spotted them in MacNamara’s Pharmacy on Swords Main Street, but the day I seen them i was in a bit of a rush so didn’t get to stop too long to check them out properly.

Anyway, when I received the invite to their SS15 Launch I was delighted to be able to attend and find out more about them.


Saphir Perfumes Ireland have created a total of 48 fragrances for Women, and 28 for men. They each have their own unique names, however, they are made to mirror the same scents as some of the most popular designer perfumes on the Market, but at an affordable price. You really have to smell them to believe how identical they are to the real designer perfumes. Amongst the 48 Women’s Fragrances are some of my absolute favourites, which I was so lucky to be be gifted with yesterday while at the launch.


Below is the full list of the Women’s Fragrances with the unique Saphir name on the left, and the perfume scent they mirror on the right…

1. Eat De Saphir – Eau De Rochas (Rochas)
2. New Romantica -Anais Anais (Cacharel)
3. Rubi – Aire De Loewe (Loewe)
4. Folie – Opium (YSL)
5. Notches De Paris – Paris (YSL)
6. Lady Godiva – O De Lancôme (Lancôme)
7. Saphir 27 – Carolina Herrera
8. Saphir 29 – Chanel No 5
9. Saphir 40 – Tresor (Lancôme)
10. Select one – The One (D&G)
11. Agua De Mayo – CK- One (Calvin Klein)
12. Saphir 21 – 212 (Caroline Herrera)
13. Saphir Woman – Hugo Woman
14. Saphir Elle – Emporio Elle
15. Nuovo Saphir – NOA (Cacharel)
16. Elegance – J’Adore (Christian Dior)
17. Blonda – Allure (Chanel)
18. Brotes Woman – Classique (Jean Paul Gaultier)
19. Vedette – Agua Fresca (Alfaroma)
20. Ancora – Angel (Thierry Mugler)
21. Acqua Donna – Acqua Di Giorgio (Georgio Armani)
22. Select Woman – Dolce & Gabbana
23. Luxury – Miracle (Lancôme)
24. Happy – Halloween (J. Del Pazo)
25. Blue Woman – Ultraviolet Women
26. Prestige- Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel)
27. Apple – Lolita Lempicka
28. Pink – Flower Kenzo
29. Saphir Donna – Burberry Classica
30. SPH Woman – DKNY
31. Black Femme – Armani Code
32. Select Blue – D&G Light Blue
33. Due Amore – Amor Amor
34. Oceanyc Woman – Ralph (Ralph Lauren)
35. Touché – Touch Of Pink
36. New Mazurca – Eternity (Calvin Klein)
37. Furor De Saphir a Euphoria (Calvin Klein)
38. SPH Green – Be Delicious (DKNY)
39. Guirnalda – L’eau D’Issey (Issey Miyake)
40. Saphir 25 – Nina (Nina Ricci)
41. Saphir 50 – CH (Caroline Herrera)
42. Saphir For Her – Narciso Rodriguez For Her
43. X-Woman – Black XS (Paco Robanne)
44. Toy De Saphir – Tous
45. Rich Woman – Lady Million
46. Siloe – Chloe
47. Idle De Saphir – Iris De Prada
48. Vida De Saphir – Vie Est Belle (Lancôme)


The 25ml bottle costs just €7.99 and is the perfect size to carry around in any bag, and they are also available in 200ml bottles for the bargain price of just €24.99.

They are available to buy in Pharmacies Nationwide and you will find the list of stockists Here. I know perfumes are hard to buy online unless you know what you are looking for, so I thought it important to list the scents, and if your favourites are there you will be able to buy online. Click Here to buy online.

I honestly cannot stress enough how much these are like the real things and so affordable. They would be perfect for teenagers too. Touch of Pink was one of my favourite fragrances to wear when I was just a little teenybopper. It’s so fresh and young.

The ones I got in my goodie bag yesterday are 3 of my favourites, Chloe, D&G Light Blue and Lady Million.

Most perfumes are between 5% & 14% strength and these are at 14% so are super long lasting. I used the Chloe one this morning before heading out and I can still get the scent on my wrists.

Definitely worth the Purchase in my opinion. I won’t be rushing out to spend the guts of €100 on a perfume anytime soon, that’s for sure.

Would love to know if you have tried them out, and if not let me know if you get your hands on one and what you think 🙂

Thanks for reading ❤



5 thoughts on “Saphir Scents <3

  1. Michelle, just let you know, i tried out the Saphire Scents, today and i think they very good replicas, i treated myself , well it is Valentines Day. Thanks for let me us know about them.


  2. You’d reccom the Chloe one as a cheaper alternative or as a complete replacement? I love Chloe but my wallet does not! I’ve tried cheaper alternatives before but the scent either fades away really quickly or the perfume “goes off” a lot quicker than the real stuff which is a pain if you’re like me and have an everyday/work scent and a “good” scent that you like to wear


    1. I believe these are the perfect replacement. The chloe one lasted all day on me but you know its worth trying it out. I think perfumes can last and smell differently on everybody so its worth the shot for 7.99. I think it will become your replacement though 😊 x


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