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Hi Ladies, 

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying your Sunday evening. I spent my day doing a spring clean, the most time being spent sorting out my vanity room… It was in serious need of a good clean and had a lot of organising to be done. It took me the guts of 3 hours to get it sorted but I’m as happy as Larry now sitting down now at my desk doing my blog post ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Last week I shared a snap of my progress since starting out with Bodynamics. I made the much needed decision to finally change my lifestyle last June (June 2014) and decided to join Bodynamics. My eating habits were literally out of control, I was forever eating junk and my body was beginning to show it, and it was starting to get to me so I signed up for a 6 week body transformation. You can read all about my first 6 week transformation by Clicking Here

Below is a progress snap : the left is the day I started with Bodynamics in June 2014, and the right is a snap of me last week…. 

Left – June 2014 Right : April 2015

After sharing this snap there were a few comments posted under it that really got to me. Now only a couple, most were so lovely which they generally do be on my page, and I’m really blessed that way, but the negative ones got under my skin because one person was trying to say that I was a fake, and that it wasn’t me in the picture and why was I hiding my face ect… There is one thing I am NOT, and that’s a fake. What you see is what you get, no BS, and I couldn’t just ignore the comments. I had to literally strip off again and take a snap with my face showing to prove it was me. I have worked so hard to get my body to where it is today and it’s very very irritating for somebody to assume that my results are not real. I didn’t take my clothes off and take a snap of my progress to look for attention, I posted it because I am proud of what I have achieved so far and my blog is all about inspiring people, and I wanted to show people that it can be done and hopefully give somebody the push the need to make the change I did, because if I can do it, so can so many other. I also wanted to show and thank my trainer for helping me get to where I am today, he deserves a medal in my opinion. He’s thought me how to live a healthier life aswel as completely change my mindset. Collie, I’ve said it 100% times…. You’re awesome. Thank You!! I’m sure he must get more texts off me than he does off his own girlfriend hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚ 


So let’s get to it. I asked you all if you would like me to share my weeks food diary and workouts and I got great feedback so here we are (finally) getting to the purpose of this whole blog post haha!!! You will see from my diet that 90% of the time I am strict, but I also have times where I do have goodies. It does make me feel guilty (ish) now but I also have to be realistic and have the odd treat here and there. I do try to not do it often though… You will also see that I tend to only eat carbs after a workout. 

I done my weekly shop on Tuesday Morning and here is my shopping list : 


– 36 Eggs (for the boy, I don’t eat eggs simply because I can’t deal with the texture… Ughhhh) 

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

– Brown Rice 

– Beetroot

– 2 tins sweetcorn

– Porridge Oats 

– 2 small bags of baby potatoes

– 3 heads of broccoli 

– 2×3 Peppers (4red & 2 green)

– 2 bags of Spinach, watercress & rocket 

– Bag of fresh spinach 

– Net of onions 

– Baby Mushrooms

– Net of Lemons 

– 6 Avacados 

– Vine Tomatos 

– Cucumber 

– Mange Tout 

– Sugar Snaps 

– 7 x 2 packs of Salmon (seriously addicted to this)

– Minute Steaks 

– Pork chops 

– 25 Chicken Fillets 

– 10 6oz Striplion Steaks 

– 2 packs of Deli Style Chicken Breasts

– 1 pack of Deli Crumbed Ham 

– 2 Packs of Caramel Rice Cakes 

I also made a trip to Holland & Barrett to get our supplements (Fish Oils, Vit C & ZMA) I take 1 Vit C and 2 Fish oils each morning with my breakfast.  



I started this week fresh on Tuesday as I only got my new food plan on Monday 

Food Diary :

Tuesday7th April 2015

7.30am : 6oz striploin steak (I don’t eat eggs so Beef or Pork is the closest protein value to eggs)


11.00am : Chicken Salad – Spinach, rocket, tomato, pickled onions, beetroot, sweetcorn, red pepper topped with hot chicken fresh off the george with a small drizzle of franks.


2.00pm : Handful of Mixed Nuts 

3.30pm : Breast of chicken stir fry with brocolli, mange tout, sugar snaps, red pepper green pepper, onion with garlic powder, chilli flakes, black pepper, tsp honey and drizzle of dark soy sauce and a little sprinkle of sesame seeds, all fried together on the pan with coconut oil 


5pm : PNB Cup with 85% dark choc (recepies to follow in separate posts tomorrow) & coffee 


8.00pm : Salmon stir fry with franks hot sauce (post workout meal with carbs)


9.30pm : cinema – small popcorn and pnb ben and jerrys ice cream

Water : 2.5 litres today 

Wednesday 8th April 2015

8.30am : Steak & handful nuts with coffee 


11.30 – Salmon stir fry with franks


3pm : Chicken Salad (same as above)


5.30pm : PNB Cup (as above)

7.00pm : Handful Nuts 

8.30pm : Pork Chop

SNACK –  Greek Yohgurt with 3/4 scoop mint choc whey protien and handful almonds 

Thursday 9th April 2015

5.45am – Pork Chop 

6.30am : Workout 

8.00am : Meatballs with baby spuds and green veg 


11.30am : handful nuts 

3.00pm: Beef Stir Fry no carbs (just minute steak cut into strips with onions, peppers & mushrooms fried in coconut oil with garlic powder, cracked black pepper & chilli flakes)


5.00pm – At the Penneys Press Event – Pina Colada Mocktail and pomegranate juice 

8.00pm – Chicken breast with green veg and franks sauce 

Snack – 2 ricecakes with PNB 


Friday 10th April 2015

8:00am : Streaky Bacon on 1 ryvita with lightest philly cream cheese and chopped tomatoes 


10.30am Handful of Nuts 

1pm : coffee 

3pm : Chicken Salad (same as above) 

7.30pm : Cheat Meal  (tapas at Bon Appetite for a friends birthday) 1 vodka & cranberry & 1 Mojito 

Saturday 10th April 2015

8.00am :Pork chop & handful nuts with coffee 

10.00am : Workout 

2.30pm : Tapas cheat meal number 2… oooopppps 

4.00pm : Coffee & caramel slice at Butlers 

6.00pm – Small 3in1 

As you can see, this is a Terrible day! Don’t copy this!!!! 

Sunday 11th April 2015

10.30am : Bacon with avavado, chopped tomatos and lightest Philidelphia creamcheese on 1 ryvita

2.00pm : Handful Mixed Nuts 

5:00pm : Latte with a PNB cup 

7.30pm : Steak with fried onions, peppers & broccoli (in coconut oil with cracked black pepper) and corn on the cob 


My Workouts :

Monday : 11.00am – 1.5hr masterclass

Tuesday : 6.30pm – 1hr

Wednesday : 10.00am – 1hr

Thursday : 6.30am – 1hr

Friday : None

Saturday : 10.00am – 1hr

For a little look at the exercises we do down at Bodynamics Click HERE

Here’s my this Morning snap : 


I did plan to include the recepies in this post for some of the above meals but haven’t had the time to get them in today, so I will get them up in separate posts tomorrow. It’s getting late now and I’m gonna chill out and watch a movie with my man ๐Ÿ™‚ 


I hope you enjoyed this post. I plan to bring you this post once a week now on a Sunday evening so if there is anything else you would like me to include please let me know. 

For those of you interested in changing their lifestyle, getting fitter and stronger, I can’t recommend Bodynamics enough. Come on down and enjoy the journey. Check out Bodynamics on Facebook by clicking Here. You can also check out the website at 

Here’s the class timetable 


The next 6 week body transformation is starting on the 4th of May, and if you check out next weeks  post here there might even be a little special discount for joining with the mention of NeedsnotWants Blog…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Until then….., thanks for reading โค 





3 thoughts on “My Fitness Journey

  1. Food actually looks yummy, you did brillant and the results speak for themselves.You look great,and did the right thing as you dont feel the weight creeping up on you. Be very proud of your self.


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