NEW No7 Early Defence Range

Hi Lovely Ladies…

On tuesday i was invited along to attend the lauch for the NEW No7 Early Defence skin care range and had a fab time at the event!! These events are just so lovely to go along to and every event i have been to like it has been completly different and unique in every way.

Tuesdays No7 one was no different.

It was on in the Chocolate Factory on South Inn’s Street in Dublin and the room was quite an old style warehouse that was dressed up with draped walls and lighting and it looked really fab!!


They had a little section where they were making mocktails with the ingredients that are also included in the skincare range, they had a little healthy food section also with healthy foods and energy foods from ‘The Happy Pear’ and again made from ingredients that are included in the skincare range!! Amazing!!






So let me tell you all about the products themselves….


NEW No7 Early Defence Skincare

This range is specially designed to keep young skin looking younger for longer!!

There is a generation of young women who are putting their health and wellbeing at the forefront of the beauty agenda.  Looking after the mind and body has never been more important, however anti- ageing is not yet a concern for them. I know for myself, although i dont worry about wrinkles now, and even though i know its important to “prevent” them by possibly using anti aging creams and potions, i havent ever went down the Anti-Aging product route.

This range is for the likes of me, the likes of us who are aged between 20 & 35 years old and it has been designed to fit our needs….

NEW No7 Early Defence Skincare range works as a ‘stepping stone’ to help in the transition from everyday skincare to proactively delaying the signs of ageing.

The range offers No7’s new and most effective patent pending daily protection technology, ‘Double Defence’ that, in combination with No7’s unbeatable 5* UVA technology, gives skin advanced daily protection from the sun with SPF 15 and environmental stress to help it look younger for longer.

Patent pending Double Defence technology contains:

–          Ginseng and Mulberry, rich in polyphenols which are effective against superoxides produced in skin when exposed to sunlight or pollution.

–          Vitamin C, effective against ozone, which is formed from ultraviolet light and atmospheric electrical discharges.

–          Lipochroman and Vitamin E which are effective against singlet oxygen, an incredibly damaging free radical produced by UVA exposure.

–          Rice peptides and Alfalfa, which are effective inhibitors of age-accelerating enzymes (MMPs) in the skin. These enzymes are produced in the skin to help it remodel and repair after damage. They degrade breakdown fragments, playing the role of housekeepers and allowing proper repair to follow. In ageing, however, these enzymes become hyperactive breaking down healthy skin components such as collagen.

The NEW No7 Early Defence Skincare range is made up of a Day, a Night and an Eye Cream, each of which have been specifically tailored to most of our needs

–          No7 Early Defence Day Cream (€24.95) is a super-light moisturiser with unbeatable 5*UVA protection and SPF15 gives your skin advanced daily protection

–          No7 Early Defence Night Cream (€24.95) is a hydrating cream that absorbs quickly for a boost of care that continues while you sleep.  It protects from daily damage that continues and helps your skin to recover

–          No7 Early Defence Eye Cream (€17.50) is especially designed for the delicate areas around your eyes, enriched with Vitamin C to help reduce puffiness and dark circles, for brighter more beautiful eyes


In user trials, after two weeks use of No7 Early Defence Skincare:

No7 Early Defence Day Cream (€24.95 for 50ml), No7 Early Defence Night Cream (€24.95 for 50ml) and No7 Early Defence Eye Cream (€17.50 for 15ml) were exclusively available at Boots stores nationwide and on from Wednesday 15 April 2015.

No7 Early Defence Day, Night and Eye Creams will replace the current No7 Protect and Perfect Day, Night and Eye Creams, whilst No7 Protect & Perfect ADVANCED Serums will still be available to be used in combination with the new skin care range.

I’m really really looking forward to trying this range out and will give it a good month of use before bringing my review to you guys.

Thanks for reading,




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