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All about that Bump!!


Hi Ladies,

Hope you’re all keeping well. I’ve been busy helping my sister this week with wedding prep. We managed to get bridesmaids shoes, bridal shoes and had our first bridesmaid fitting. Now just to organise her Dublin Hens and my first night away from the baby!

Speaking of babies, let’s talk bumps….

Lots of the NeedsnotWants readers have been asking for a long time about Maternity Fashion, and Michelle has openly avoided a post on such because she wouldn’t personally know whats comfy and whats not, so she asked me to do this post for her readers, me being a new mum and all that 🙂

Watching your bump grow when pregnant is amazing and it’s the only time you don’t have to worry about hiding your belly (phew). In saying that you now have to learn how to dress that bump, with that in mind here are my tips for dressing your bump while staying true to yourself and your inner fashionista!

Review Your Wardrobe

When I was in my first trimester and before my bump really started to show, I went through my wardrobe to see what would and wouldn’t fit me over the coming months. I packed away any tight fitting or restrictive clothing to make room in my wardrobe. It’s also a good time to have a spring clean and get rid of any clothes you no longer wear. If packing away clothes, I recommend you use vacuum pack bags to protect them as it could be a year before you wear them again.

Spring clean image

When To Start Buying Maternity Wear

Everyone’s bump and the rate at which it grows is different, which is why some women start wearing maternity clothing sooner than others. There are no hard or fast rules but it’s usually advised to wait till your second trimester before purchasing maternity wear. I personally tried to wear my own clothes for as long as possible, as at the end you’ll probably be sick to the sight of your maternity clothes

The Basics

These are the must have items that you’ll need for your maternity wardrobe;

Maternity vests – Basic black and white vests which you can wear under tops. These will help you so that you can continue to wear a lot of your own tops a little longer by wearing underneath. They’re also great for those first couple of week after you have the baby especially if you’re breastfeeding!

New Look sell these 3 pack of vests for €11.99
New Look sell these 3 pack of vests for €11.99

Shop here

Maternity Leggings – great for wearing under long tops/shirts and giving you a little bit of comfort.

New Look basic leggings start at €9.99

New look leggings

New Look plaid leggings

Shop here

Shop here

Maternity jeans

I love my skinny jeans and didn’t want to have to start wearing what I like to call ‘Mam’ jeans just cause I was pregnant. Asos & New look have a great selection. However, if you can’t bear the thought of giving up your favourite jeans, you can have them altered with a band inserted so that you can continue to wear them. Post baby you can then have the band removed. Check out the Zip yard who can do this type of alteration!

New Look Maternity Jeans

Asos maternity jeans

Shop here

Shop here

Maternity Bras – You’ll need these coming to your last trimester and post baby if you’re breastfeeding. Mothercare, M&S, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer’s, H&M & ASOS all stock these as do Penny’s. The bras in Penny’s are the best value and retail at two for €10.

What size am I anyway?

Some reccommend buying normal clothes in a size up, however from personal experience i found this doesn’t always work, as while it might cover your bump the rest of the top, dress etc. will look ill fitting.

Instead, I reccommend buying loose fitting tops, oversized tops and shirts, smock & empire dresses. Basically anything that’s loose rather than form fitting. Obviously if you’re between sizes like I usually am, go for the next size. I literally lived in my oversize shirts and jumpers which can then be teamed with leggings and skinny jeans. These tops will then be perfect for post baby and beyond.

Shirts like the below from ASOS are great for over leggings. I have at least 6 versions of this from Penneys and they’re only €10 each. They look great tucked into jeans once you’re post baby!

Asos over sized shirt

Loose fitting jumpers like the below are again perfect over leggings and skinny jeans with a maternity cami underneath. They’ll be super comfy for those first few post baby weeks too.

Asos loose jumper

Shop here

When buying actual maternity clothes buy your true size.

Over or under bump

Maternity jeans and trousers come in two styles – over and under the bump.

Some find that the over the bump helped support the bump, while others don’t like to have clothing sitting across their bump. Go with what’s comfortable for you. I often bought normal jeggings and wore them under my bump. Just make sure you’re wearing a long maternity vest or top if you choose this option.


By the last trimester you may have to trade in your heels as your bump can throw you off balance and you don’t want to risk a fall! There’s also the dreaded pregnancy side effect, swollen feet! My feet swelled when I went on holidays in my 7th month and unfortunately stayed that way till after the birth! Invest in a comfy pair of trainers, trust me they’re worth it. I went with Nike Thea’s which went perfect with my leggings and loose fit tops. Penneys and New look also sell wide foot ballet pumps and shoes from as little as €8.

Nike Theas

New look tan woven sandels

Shop here

Shop here

Maternity Glamour

Don’t worry, there is such a thing….

If you’re invited to a wedding or event you can still look your best even with your bump. ASOS have a great range of going out dresses.

Asos Mat dress

Asos Mat skater dress

Asos mat fringe dress

Shop here

Top Pick Maternity shops


They had great basics and some nice maternity dresses too. I picked up some for a little as €3

ASOS & New Look

Their maternity ranges are not only affordable but also still fashionable. I found some other stores maternity clothes not only expensive but not in line with current fashion or anyway stylish. New look even have a maternity starter pack!


They do great basics. Note – they’re often located in the kids section rather than the main stores


They have a gorgeous range but a little more expensive than the other stores considering some items you may only wear once or twice


If you’re a bargain hunter you’ll find some great finds here. Just note some may be second hand but generally rarely worn.

What to avoid

The one thing I recommend avoiding is empire waist maxi dresses. I got a couple of these and they made me look like a whale!! If going for a maxi choose a fitted one.

Maternity Style Crush
I absolutely loved Blake Lively’s maternity styles.. here are some of her best looks!

Blake 3

Blake 2

Blake 1

Post Baby

After your little bundle is here you will still be quite swollen and it isn’t recommended that you exercise until 6 weeks after birth. Stay comfy and keep those oversize tops and leggings you bought. If you’re breastfeeding you’ll need to invest in a few vest tops for under your clothing and quite a few maternity bras. Don’t put pressure on yourself and enjoy your little bundle of happiness!

I hope these tips help some of you expectant mothers. If there are any other mummy related topics you’re interested in just let me know!

Bye for now
Karen xxx


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