The Vintage Cosmetics Company

Hi Ladies,

I want to introduce you all to a company that recently launched in Ireland, The Vintage Cosmetics Company. They’re a British Company which was launched in 2010 after the founder felt that although there was a large selection of false eyelashes on the market, there were not many aimed at ladies over the age of the 21 and most came in basic packaging.


The brand was created and is described as a range of beauty accessories with a unique, feminine, darling personality that harks back to the glamour and charm of the 1950’s.

When I saw the range it was love at first sight. Anyone who knows me knows I’m the ultimate girly girl and love something a little different. My home is filled with little kitschy items and my dresser with vintage style perfume bottles, so it suited me perfectly. I know Michelle is also a fan of vintage glamour which you’ll of seen from some of her fab outfits, such as the Cocoa Brown Oscars night!

Below are some of the lovely items I tried out.  They include the Nancy lashes, tweezers and lip brush.


Each eyelash style is deigned to enhance your eyes & offer a different look.

Nancy – A fuller look
Connie – Soft & natural look
Betty – Highlight your eyes
Gracie – Fuller, longer lashes
Kitty – Maximum impact

The lashes come with their own glue and are reusable.

Last Saturday I had my first night out in over a year. I only really wear lashes on a night out unless I’ve had lash extensions in so I hadn’t worn any in quite a while. Despite this I have boxes of flash lashes in my makeup kit however, I knew straight away I wanted to wear the Nancy lashes as I loved the fuller look they offered.

Although they come with adhesive I always use my own lash glue, the duo adhesive. I cut lashes to size which, I would do with all lashes and applied them using the duo adhesive glue. After a few seconds I didn’t even feel like I was wearing lashes they were that lightweight!

Below is a closer look at the lashes. Unfortunately I was so rushed going out (first night away from the baby!) I didn’t get a proper photo of me wearing the lashes, so you’ll have to trust me when I tell you they looked great. They were really long lasting.  I applied the lashes at 6pm and they were still firmly in place at 11 am the next day!

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The tweezers are a really good quality, I hate flimsy tweezers which make it impossible to pluck the hairs. I didn’t have this problem with these guys. I also like that they had a little rubber casing to protect the tip of the tweezer.

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A lip brush was on my to buy list having  recently bought a new brush set which, didn’t include a lip brush! So far so good with this. Not only does it look good but it applies the lipstick really well and the brush hairs didn’t separate which, I’ve found can happen with some lip brushes.

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Check out the the website which stocks beauty tools, makeup brushes, lashes, hair collection and also includes some great tutorial videos. They offer free delivery to Ireland and 25% off your first order.

The have just this week included a feature on the brand showcasing one of their tutorial videos

Click here to see the article and video

The Vintage Cosmetics Company

I think the brush roll case is the next thing I’ll have to go for!


Boots Ireland also stock the range and currently have an offer of buy one get one half price on their vintage products. The products also feature some great product reviews.

The lashes cost £5 from the company direct or €8.49 from Boots Ireland. This excludes the fab promos currently on.

Hope you enjoy

Karen xx


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