Get your wardrobe new season ready

Hi Ladies,

Hope this weather isn’t keeping you down, let’s hope it picks up soon! I’ve a very big week coming up, my little sister is finally getting married this weekend so hair, tan, nails, brows all must be sorted out. Keep an eye out for some photos and reviews.

Now you’ll have seen the summer sales are in full swing. This is an opportunity for shops to clear their current stock to make way for the new season.Β  The press previews are in full swing (see the Penneys AW15 preview here) and shops are slowly introducing the new season stock.

You might be freaking out a little thinking “Em I just spent all my hard earned cash on my summer clobber, I’m not ready to start buying for an Autumn/Winter wardrobe”. Worry not with our key hints and tips you can get your wardrobe ready for the next season without spending a fortune!

Organise your wardrobe

We all need to take some time out every now and then to sort out our wardrobes, as they can become overloaded. I find when mines a mess I end up just taking clothes from the top, forgetting what I have and wearing the same clothes over and over again!


Go through and remove items you know you no longer wear, you need to be strong here! If you’re short for space it’s also a good idea to remove clothes you won’t wear again till next summer and pack away into vac pack bags. If you do this already it’s a good idea to unpack AW clothes you packed away previously.

Come up with an organising system so that you can find what you’re looking for easily. You can do this by colour or style. I tend to keep all my casual wear together, going out clothes etc.


Once you’ve done this it will lead you onto our next step..

Think before you buy

Before you start shopping take a look at what you already have. You may have noticed that trends can repeat themselves and that some classic items will always stick around.

Do your research by checking out your favourite fashion blogs (cough needsnotwants) and fashion mags. They will have already started to feature some of the new season stock. Consider what looks you can put together with what you already have e.g. bootcut jeans are making a reappearance and whilst we’re all big fans of our skinnies and boyfriend jeans, I’m sure we all still have a pair of bootcut jeans knocking about our wardrobeΒ  (please say it’s not just me). You may find that you only need to purchase one key item and can style the rest with with clothes you already own.

You could go one step further and create your own mood board, putting together key looks from the next season that you like and using that to see what items you already currently own. You don’t even need the scissors and pritstick for this! Pinterest allows you to create interest boards by searching for looks/items and pinning those that interest you on your on board.

See the below mood board from pinterest from last year’s Autumn Winter season to give you an idea.


I’ve also created my own board on pinterest which you can check out here

Hunt for bargains

I worked in retail for a few years whilst in college and one thing I noticed is that shops would restock very similar styles from the year before but make slight changes. For example a jacket that was sold a year before might be reintroduced the following year with a slight change such as a new buttons or trims. With this in mind I would often search online to see if I could pick up last year’s version for a reduced price. Why online you ask? Well unlike actual shops, online stores have a lot more room to keep older stock and will usually have reduced items all year round even after their advertised sales are over. I do most of my online shopping on Asos as not only do they stock their own collections but also a lot of other high street brands such as River Island, New Look and Vera Moda. Simply search in the name of the item you’re looking for e.g. khaki trousers and you may be able to pick up a pair from last year reduced.

Blanket capes are making a return again this year and having searched ASOS I’ve found this River Island one reduced to €10.96….Shop here


When to spend and when to save

We all know shopping can be expensive, especially if you’re looking to buy a few new outfits. You need to consider where to spend and where to save.

Always invest more in classic pieces which will be worn again, season after season such as a leather jacket or some leather boots. Look to make savings on items which are an obvious trend piece and may not be worn the following year for example crochet tops may be a one season item. I’m obsessed with buying white tops, they just go well with everything. However, no matter how hard I try they go off colour, so I never look to spend to much on these but I will spend more on a blazer which I know I’ll wear time and time again.

Transitioning through seasons

It’s fair to say our weather is temperamental and will change at the drop of a hat, just look at the past week! The key to transitioning between seasons is layering. Start adding draped cardigans or duster coats to your outfits when you feel a chill or adding a scarf. I’m a scarf addict and love wearing them over tops and dresses. My favourite shops to pick them up are Penneys, H&M and River Island. Start swapping flats for tights and boots etc. You get the idea!





I hope these tips help in some way. Be sure to share any you have or let us know what key autumn winter pieces you’ll be picking up.

Happy shopping…




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