No7 Early Defence Range Review

Hi Ladies,

Let’s talk skincare, I can hold my hands up and admit I wasn’t always great for following a skincare routine and was one of the worst for not taking my makeup off on the weekends! I always thought wrinkles were something you worried about when you were older. As I hit my mid twenties I soon realised that to have good skin when your older, you need to look after it while still young! It’s all about taking prevantative action!!

I’ve always been a big No7 fan, proof of that is easy to see by the number of large gift boxes I have. You might call it a collection!


It’s not hard to see why myself and many others are such big fans given their great legacy, did you know they’ve been around 80 years!! I started with their beautiful skin cleansers and toners and day and night creams as part of my regular beauty regime. After the great reviews and response of their protect and perfect range, I knew I had to try that too! I have been using it with the serum and eye cream for the last year and a half so was delighted when I had the opportunity to try the new Early Defence range.


The Early Defence range is aimed at 20 to 35 year olds and promises to boost young skins natural defences to help it look younger for longer. The day cream contains 5* UVA technology and SPA 15 providing an advanced protection from the ageing effects of the sun. While the night cream is a hydrating cream which absorbs quickly for a boost of care that continues while you sleep.



I loved this range just as much as I did the protect and perfect range. As promised they are quite light weight but feel really luxurious on the skin especially compared to some cheaper brands I’ve tried. They have a lovely light scent that actually makes you enjoy cleansing and moisturising your face as it just feels so soft and refreshed afterwards.

I wouldn’t say I have sensitive skin but at times I have found some creams a little harsh on me which isn’t the case here. The creams are hypoallergenic so promise to be kind to sensitive skin.

I love the packaging of these creams too, it might just be a little thing but I find it so much better when your moisturisers come in a pot. My husband is a bit of a clean freak so he hates when I leave lots of stuff out but he can’t argue that these don’t look cute on the dresser.


The price of these creams if โ‚ฌ24.95 which, might be more expensive than some other brands but trust me it’s worth it. After following a regular skin care routine using my No7 products I’ve really noticed a difference in my skin. It’s not something a camera is going to pick but I can personally see a difference. I suffer from less breakouts and find my skin looks a lot clearer. With a small baby I often don’t have time to wear makeup but I now feel more confident going makeup free now without the standard questions of “are you ill”, “you look tired” or worse “are you hungover”! Even better I do feel that the lines beneath my eyes (tell no one of these) are less visable.

Boots often have 2 for 3 offers on No7 products and have one on at the moment. I’d recommend the No7 hydration mask which I’ve posted about previously. It leaves your skin feeling so soft. Rather than washing off after a few minutes like the bottle states, I leave on overnight and wake up with my skin super soft. I do this a couple of times a week. The price of this is โ‚ฌ26.25.


My latest No7 discovery and obsession is the beautiful skin cleansing oil. Just a couple of pumps onto dry skin removes all your makeup, then rinse with water. Lately I’ve found I’m too tired to do a full cleanse at night and have been tempted to grab for the makeup wipes but this is actually more convienent and so much better for your skin. I honestly can’t believe how easy it takes off your makeup even the dreaded eye makeup!


If your wondering how I have so many gift boxes, it’s because every Christmas Boots creates a Christmas gift box with all my favourites and a few more. I always wait till the special offers start and pick it up half price. You get so many great bits at a fraction of the price and the boxes make great storage! Can’t wait to see what this year’s will be!

So there you have it, whilst I do recommend No7 my biggest recommendation is to stick to a regular skin care routine. You and your skin will thank me! I’m going to finish off my weekend with a hydrating mask and wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to start the week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.



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