Colour correcting with Catrice

Hi Ladies,

It’s been ages since we’ve posted a review, time to put an end to that with a little intro into colour correcting and my thoughts on the Catrice all round concealer palette.

Colour correcting is something that’s been around a while but up until recently wasn’t widely talked about. Now some of the big cosmetic brands are launching new ranges or placing a marketing push on their current ranges.

Smashbox have been doing it for ages and YSL are launching their individual correcter sticks later in the year. A few months back I spotted the Catrice colour correcting concealer palette in Penneys and at €5.50 I thought it was definitely worth a try. I posted it on the Facebook page at the time I bought it and seemed loads of you were already using it with mainly positive feedback.


The palette has five different colours/shades. Red, green, and 3 different skin tone colours.

The red colour is for the dark areas of skin, so the under eye area and the green colour is for any redness. It might seem a little scary or weird to use these colours on your face, especially when you start lashing the red on under the eyes, but the colours act as a correcter to even out the uneven skin tones. You may have seen Marissa Carter Cocoa Brown girl boss, talking about this on Xpose and her snapchat.Β  She actually uses an orange toned red lipstick for correcting the under eyes.

When applying the red under the eyes, I then set with some setting powder, I currently use NYX matte not flat powder. I then use my normal concealer over it if needed or just continue to apply my foundation.

With the green I just cover with my normal foundation.

The remaining colours are concealers which, I actually use to do a little conturing with. The darker shade I use on the tip of my nose and the bottom of my chin. The middle colour I use to conceal spots and blemishes and the lighter colour for areas which need a little highlighting like the inner eye, beneath the brows and the area on the forehead between the brows.


As you can see my palette is well used. Some days when I don’t fancy doing a full face of makeup but also don’t want the “Are you tired?” comments or worse still “Are you not well?” πŸ˜‚ I wear just this palette over the Botanics radiance balm and set with my NYX powder. I use the middle concealer over the red and greenΒ  shades in place of foundation on these days. My friends can’t believe when I tell them I’m not wearing any foundation!

I’m not saying this is the best product out there. It has a cream consistency which some of you commented felt a little greasy, it might feel this way to touch but I didn’t find it greasy when on the skin. Some of the bigger brandsΒ  may offer superior results or better longer lasting coverage but at €5.50 this is a great product to try if you’re want to foray into the world of colour correcting especially given it’s 5 shades in one palette!! If you find you’re just using the one colour, Catrice also sell the green and red in individual tubes. Catrice is available in Penneys and some selected pharmacies.

Have you tried colour correcting, what products do you use? Comment below or own the Facebook page.



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