Splurge V Save- The Cult Eyshadow Palette

Anybody who knows me know that I love a good bargain from Penneys and what started off as an obsession with budget fashion has quickly transformed into an obsession with their beauty range, PS… The PS… range has everything from all each of the main categories you would need, eyes, lips, face and nails. I was already a huge fan of the eyeliners and contour kits from the range but on a recent trip to Penneys in Galway I spotted this little gem that was an absolute ringer for the MAC Burgundy x9 Palette. A great, compact palette that I love but one which comes at a not-so-bargainous price tag of€40. With the PS… palette retailing at just €2.50 I couldn’t help but put it to the test.12999532_10153335167017820_683981854_o


First up, the MAC offering comprises of nine of the most popular MAC shades, starting from the top left you have Honeylust Poppyseed and Quartz, then Antiqued, Embarked and Noir. On the final row you have Haux, Starviolet and Sketch. It really is the perfect pairings of neutral pink tones and deep purples and working out at under €5 per shadow is still really reasonable for a MAC palette. These types of shades work really well on green or brown eyes.

When I inspected the Ps.. palette I noticed there really was some serious dupes compared to the MAC selection, and the quality really held up (and on one occasion even surpassed the MAC palette).

The first and most obvious dupe for me was for Sketch, a lovely shimmery deep purple. The very bottom right hand shadow in the PS… palette was incredibly similar and really held up in the pigment stakes too. Next to Sketch is Starviolet, for which the shadow on the very right and side in the middle is a similar match, especially when swatched. In this instance I actually found the PS… palette to be softer and even more buttery-score!

In terms of more neutral, daytime shades the shade Haux is replicated in the very bottom middle. I love this shade all over the eye for a pretty daytime look. The shade Quartz is really similar to the shade on the bottom lefthand shade in the PS… palette also, cumulating in about four really decent dupes in the palette.

One downside of the PS… loves palette is that it doesn’t have a really lustorous champagne pink shade like Honeylust. It does have a really nice creamy white though- which is ideal as a base shadow.

So what’s the overall verdict? If you have the MAC Burgundy x9 Palette i’d definetly pick up this little bargain. At €2.50 you really can’t go wrong! If you’re holding out for the MAC palette though I think I’d try to fill the gap with the PS… palette, it really packs a punch and definetly doesn’t break the bank!


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