The €2 Make Up Brush Cleaning Wonder



Cleansing your face each day is so important, so you should treat your makeup tools the same as your skin. The consequences of skipping a good cleanse can be pretty gross. In fact, I have on occasions before went for about a month without cleaning mine and the results are not pretty at all. Spots galore!

Cleaning your brushes is quick and easy, if you do a deep clean on a weekly basis, aswell as a quick cleanse daily. To achieve squeaky clean brushes you are going to need 3 things :

  • A daily brush cleaner
  • A deep brush cleaner
  • The €2 Make Up Brush Cleaning Wonder

Daily Brush Cleaner

Lots of make-up counters sell the brush cleaning sprays including Mac, Bobbi Brown and many more, but they are a little pricey, and probably not worth the money in my opinion.

You can get a very reasonably priced daily brush cleaner from 12980559_10153336128842820_725801925_n (1) Flormar that is a great buy and it won’t break the bank!  It removes stains, and leaves your brushes so soft after use and best of all, the brushes dry in about ten minutes, so perfect timing for daily use.


I know most people don’t bother cleaning their own brushes, or even know you’re supposed to but it is so important because the germs that can live in them is shocking and can be the cause of skin problems like breakouts etc… This daily brush cleanser costs just €4.95 and is stocked in Pharmacies Nationwide or you can buy it online here . This comes in a 200ml bottle and a little bit tends to go a long way.


Deep Brush Cleaner

Johnsons Baby Shampoo is the best product for deep cleaning your make up brushes. Its cheap and cheerful and is really soft on your brushes too. If its good enough for a baby then its good enough for your beautiful brushes 🙂 When doing a deep clean using Johnsons Baby Shampoo, start off by running your brushes under lukewarm water in the sink, rinsing off the make up. Make sure to keep the brush pointing down (hairs bottom, handle top) as the water can run into the handle of the brush and damage the brush. Fill up a bowl with lukewarm water and add a little squirt of your baby shampoo and swirl the 13022351_10153336128882820_1955307879_n bristles of the brush in the mixture. If there is a lot of make up on the brushes, squirt a little shampoo into the €2

Wonder and swipe the brush back and forth, creating a lather and giving the brush a deeper clean.  Run the brush head under the running luck warm water and repeat all steps until the water is running clear when rinsing your brush. Use a towel to wipe the brush clean while reshaping the brush and then lay the brushes out flat on fresh towel to dry. Your brushes will take a few hours to dry after a deep clean, and I always do my deep clean before bed and leave them out to dry overnight. The 300ml bottle costs just €3.99 and  is available in most pharmacies and supermarkets.


Now onto a great little find!!!

The €2 Make Up Brush Cleaning Wonder


I came across this little cleaning wonder a while back and for the price I said I would give it a go and it hasn’t disappointed. For less than €2 it’s a great little assistant when giving your brushes a deep clean. Before I got one, I just used the palm of my hand to lather up but this definately helps give a much deeper clean. It’s an absolute bargain but bare in mind that it takes about 4 weeks to arrive from the time you order it. Get yours here.

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