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New Year, New Gear

The BEST motivation to start a new fitness regime is treating yourself to NEW WORKOUT GEAR!! Every year (since 2 years ago when i changed my outlook on food & fitness and became healthier - Read more about where i started here ),when the christmas 'over indulging' ends and a new year begins, i try to… Continue reading New Year, New Gear


How to wear the ‘Pyjama’ Shirt during the day!

The recent street-style trend for wearing clothes that look like pyjamas is a trend that is set to stick around! To pull this look off, you need to wear it with confidence, because lets be honest, it looks like sleepwear but its for daywear, and i LOVE it! It's a chic alternative to a traditional button-down… Continue reading How to wear the ‘Pyjama’ Shirt during the day!


Think of me… Lauryn Rose Jewellery

  Think Of Me is a stunning handcrafted jewellery collection from The collection represents love for those closest to us, and for me it straight away made me think of my baby brother. He's all the way up in Heaven but the thought behind this collection instantly made me feel like he was close. This collection not… Continue reading Think of me… Lauryn Rose Jewellery